Exciting news!!!! Finally!!!

We have been promising a few new items for some time now…well that time has arrived!!

The Perfect Pickler Vegetable Fermenting Kit is in stock and ready to ship. And Friends…your veggies will be fermented in just 4 days with this system! Seriously. Easy as 1-2-3 creating delicious recipes because the recipe book is included and is illustrated with step by step instructions. 26 recipes proven recipes to be exact. All you need to provide is a wide mouth canning jar…everything else is included: custom designed lid system to create and maintain an airtight seal, airlock prevents airborne microbes from entering the jar, brine overflow cup captures naturally expanding liquid, DVD with recipes and step by step instructions, the recipe book, and unrefined celtic sea salt for at least 6 one quart recipes. Place your cleaned and sliced organic veggies in the jar, add the seasonings, salt and water, top with Perfect Pickler System and in just 4 days your recipe is ready to enjoy! Done.

The other item is from our Friends at Fat Face Skin Care. Hand made Stank Stop Deodorant…one for Men and yes, one for Women. You have asked us for a natural deodorant and we have delivered…well…as soon as you place an order it will be delivered to you…but you know what we mean. Friends…this is Real Food for Your Skin. Check it out.

Allow our Friends at Fat Face to introduce to you Stank Stop:

“Did you know that substances found in most commercial deodorants, like aluminum, preservatives and fragrances, have been linked to things like cancer and infertility? Since our deodorant doesn’t contain any of this nastiness, you can feel confident that you’re protecting yourself against environmental toxins! Also, aluminum is what creates those lovely yellow stains in the armpits of your shirts…..G-Ross! No Thanks!

So we’ve combined the antibacterial properties of Organic Coconut Oil with the odor absorbing power of Aluminum-Free Baking Soda to create this Kick butt, all natural deodorant! We’ve also thrown in some Grass Fed Tallow and Shea Butter, to moisturize those pits and give them the love that they deserve! The arrowroot powder helps to soak up extra sweat while you workout and release all those toxins! And the essential oils not only make it smell good, but they also help it work (did you know that Clary Sage essential oil has been found to help reduce excessive sweating??) We also use Magnesium Oil and Zinc Oxide which both work naturally with your body to reduce the amount you perspire.

***PLEASE NOTE that this product is NOT an Antiperspirant. It will NOT stop you from sweating. But don’t fret, because sweating is actually GOOD for you! It’s completely natural, and is a very important part of our body’s detoxification process! ***

We use only the highest quality ingredients in our Stank Stop. This includes organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, organic essential oils, and tallow from grass-fed, pastured cows.”

Men’s Stank Stop Deodorant is available in a woodsy Cypress-Coriander and the Women’s Stank Stop Deoderant is a lovely Lavender-Clary Sage.

All in stock and ready to ship…and as always we offer Free Priority Mail shipping on all orders of $49 or more when shipped with in the US.

Happy New Year!! Be Safe!! Keeping it healthy for you here at The Natural Health Advocates. It is what we love to do!


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