Let’s Talk Beef Sticks!

Let’s Talk Beef Sticks!

Hi, all! My name is Megan, and I am honored to be an employee, friend, and former neighbor of The Natural Health Advocates owners, Mark and Lisa. I may have signed some of your receipts as I have packed your orders with love and care! I am a stay-at-home mom to two girls, ages 4 and almost 7, with a background in education and a side job of teaching group fitness at our local recreation center.

I still consider myself a “newbie” to the world of Dr. Weston A. Price, but I have found an incredible resource in Mark and Lisa Drury. I know that every single item you can find in The Natural Health Advocates online store is hand-picked with extensive knowledge and love. Personally, I am Paleo-ish, especially during our awful allergy season(s) here in Lancaster County, PA. The rest of my family, while we do typically eat Paleo dinners, stay focused on “real” food.

Let’s talk about beef sticks. The thought of beef sticks used to make my nose crinkle up. All I could think of was the highly processed, highly junk-ified beef jerky from the gas station store! I finally found some “sweet” grass-fed beef sticks at a local farm, and while they were yummy, they were sweetened with added sugar and needed to be kept frozen or refrigerated.

My quest to find a good protein-filled AND PORTABLE food continued. I even tried a few of those bars made with cricket flour when the company ran a good deal, but was shocked to see how many sugar grams and fat grams that came along with the 10 gr. of protein! (And I do not shy away from fat grams, trust me, but I would rather NOT have it all in one bar, I would like to eat other fats throughout my day!)

Enter Nicks Sticks. 10 gr. of protein. NO SUGAR. Did you see that? No sugar! And I have a sweet tooth and love all things sugar, and still manage to find these sticks to be YUMMY. This is my new favorite perfect Paleo food. I can throw them in my bag to take along to the beach, camping, museum, zoo, anywhere!

And while we’re here, talking about protein-full snacks, I do feel the need to mention my good friend Wild Pink Salmon Jerky from Loki Fish. How convenient for you, it is another product offered by The Natural Health Advocates! ALSO super portable and YUMMY!! (It is sweetened, just so you know, but with HONEY! Mmmm….honey….) Oh dear. Don’t even get me started on The Natural Health Advocates’ honey offerings…that, my friends, will be a whole new blog post down the road.

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