Natural sun & bug protection with Josiah’s Oils

Natural sun & bug protection with Josiah’s Oils

All of this sunshine we are experiencing here in Lancaster County, PA has me dreaming of the school-free summer days to come…and all of the Josiah’s Oils Ultra Pure SPF Sun Stick and Josiah’s Oils Insect Away that we will be using!

I am very fair-skinned and burn quite easily. We spend a lot of time outside, and you will find my girls in short-sleeve or even long-sleeve rash guards most of the time! I go through numerous Josiah’s Oils stick of sunblock each summer. It has a faint hint of yummy essential oil, and I know that I am putting on probably one of the most pure products out there.

No nanoparticles, no chemical UV absorbers, no parabens, no phthalates, no synthetic preservatives, and no fragrances or dyes. We apply liberally and reapply often! I always used your typical commercially sold sunscreens and the white sheen that comes from quality sunblock always threw me off a little bit…I am now proud of that white sheen, because I know it is working to block the sun! (The non-nanoparticle zinc oxide works as a physical block—it sits on the skin’s surface and is NOT absorbed into your skin or your blood stream like chemical sunscreens!) The ingredients are PURE: coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, 20% non-nanoparticle zinc oxide, and Vitamin E!

My other favorite product for the summer?
Josiah’s Oils Insect Away, which I started using two summers ago. This will be summer number three already! Every single person that smells this product immediately comments on how much they LOVE the smell! You cannot even begin to compare this to the commercial products out there. I love being able to shake my bottle and spray liberally and often on my girls, and know that they are safe and that I am not spraying chemicals on them.

We have many hikes planned this summer, as well as two camping trips. We also have trips to the beach/bay area, where bugs can be BRUTAL. Josiah’s Oils Insect Away essential oil blend not only helps protect against mosquitos, fleas, and lice, but it also includes Rose Geranium oil, which has been shown to keep away the ticks! I have only pulled ticks off of my children once, and that was a late fall hike where I thought it was too cold for ticks, and we had no protection! Remember: There is no DEET or other chemicals in this product…in fact, there is NOTHING harmful, just pure essential oils (cedarwood, peppermint, rose geranium, and lemongrass), aloe, and steamed distilled water.

I have what I call my “Park Bag” which is ready-to-grab on even last-minute trips to the park nearby or to take along for our longer trips. What do I keep in there? Josiah’s Oils Insect Away and Josiah’s Oils Ultra Pure SPF Sun Stick of course! I also keep wide-brimmed hats for my girls and for myself, a small first-aid kit, an extra towel, and an extra set of clothes for each girl in case of impromptu stream stomping! I have two empty pockets ready for our Kleen Kanteens and an empty pouch ready for me to stick in some Nick’s Grass-Fed Beef Sticks, Just Tomatoes Freeze Dried Fruit, and some Sprouted Raw Almonds for snacks for all three of us. We are READY for SUMMER! Are you?? Don’t forget, add in these Josiah’s Oils products into your cart, and fill it up to $49 to qualify for free shipping! And did you order your Nikki’s Coconut Butter yet?? Trust me when I say, all of the products that we have highlighted so far in the blog posts are products you want to have in your cupboard and/or travel bag!!
Until next time, Megan

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