Schools Out…Celebrate With Waffles and Organic Rocky Ridge Maple Syrup!

Schools Out…Celebrate With Waffles and Organic Rocky Ridge Maple Syrup!

On a former dairy farm up in the mountainous region of Northern Pennsylvania, a pharmacist-turned-maple syrup entrepreneur has created a new use out of the pristine farmland. The result is Rocky Ridge Maple.

We at The Natural Health Advocates are so excited to offer you Rocky Ridge Maple’s Organic Maple Syrup!!! We are always on the lookout for great new products that meet our high standards. We are pleased to stock this on our shelves, ready to sell to you!

Did you know a typical maple season lasts for only 6 weeks? And it takes 40-50 gallons of maple sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup!! Rocky Ridge Maple products are organic, they do not use pesticides or synthetic chemicals. They use regenerative farming practices and go the extra mile to protect their forests. This certainly is a company that you can feel good about supporting! “And did you know? Rest assured that you can feel good about supporting every brand, every farm, every company represented in our online store.”

We love maple syrup. We are lucky to have some local options here in the Garden Spot of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but this is some of the best that I have ever tasted! We love making treats with maple syrup, and just this morning, we celebrated our last day of school with homemade waffles topped with Rocky Ridge Maple’s Organic Maple Syrup mixed with cut-up freshly picked strawberries! What a treat!

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School’s Out…Be Safe and Keep it Healthy Friends!

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