Vitamin D, Omega-3 & Fermented Cod Liver Oil (for all, but especially during pregnancy!)

Vitamin D, Omega-3 & Fermented Cod Liver Oil (for all, but especially during pregnancy!)

My heart and soul can be found on a sunny and warm southern beach on Anna Maria Island…but my body is physically in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania…sooooo I will continue to dream and dream of that very special place in Florida where I will be someday. Until that time, I will enjoy and be grateful for what our amazing area, known as the Garden Spot of Pennsylvania, has to offer.

So what does Anna Maria Island have to do with Fermented Cod Liver Oil? Well, getting Vitamin D from the sun is the optimal way, but it may not always be possible, depending upon where you live. So if you need to find a supplement, you should choose the best option out there, right? We, The Natural Health Advocates, believe Fermented Cod Liver Oil, manufactured by the folks at Green Pasture Products, is that BEST option.

The cod fish livers are flash frozen and shipped from the coast off the Aleutian Islands, then they are fermented in large vats for 9 to 12 months. The oil naturally separates, rises to the top, and is bottled. Nothing is heated. Nothing is added. That bottled oil is what we call a Super Food…nutrient dense and much more bio-available for the body since it is not heated.

So I digress a bit…but all of this information is important for me to share with you to fully understand the importance of Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, especially during pregnancy. The label emphasizes the “Sacred Food” aspect of the oil. Lab testing consistently reveals the complexity of this “food” that provides a lot more than just the basic nutrients we have come to expect in cod liver oil.

With greater emphasis these days on the critical importance of adequate Vitamin D, fermented cod liver oil provides very healthy amounts of Vitamin D, not to mention Vitamin A, DHA and EPA, and a full complement of omega-3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids. Additionally, the oil is a source of quinones, of which Co Q-10 is the most famous.

Dr. Mercola, MD has stated that pregnant woman are not getting enough Omega-3s in their diets. “Omega-3 fats are known as essential fatty acids because the only way you can get them is via your diet. In pregnant women, consuming enough omega-3 fats is especially important, as they’re important for the baby’s visual and cognitive development. In the US, most Americans’ diets are seriously lacking in omega-3 fats. Women tend to become further depleted during pregnancy, as the fetus uses omega-3s for nervous system development. After birth, omega-3s are again used to make breast milk, and for women on their second or third pregnancy, levels may be extremely low. Generally, with each subsequent pregnancy, women become further depleted in omega-3s. New research from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary in Canada further confirmed that most pregnant women are seriously lacking in these beneficial fats” (Excerpt from article at dated April 25, 2015.)

We believe that Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Liver Oils made from Cod and Skate are critical, not only for your own health, but also for developing babies’ health. Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Liver Oils made from Cod and Skate are truly HEALTH BUILDING in every sense.

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