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Thought Covid-19 Wasn't Around Anymore!

May 17, 2024

Lisa Drury

I really haven't heard much about Covid-19 lately, until we received a phone call fom my brother a few days ago that he has Covid. Sure glad our 85 year old Mom is with us at this time and not at his house!

With that being said, research suggests acocrding to Dr. Daniel G. Amen as noted on Day 85 in his book, Change Your Brain Everyday, is that "Covid-19 can cross the blood-brain barrier, a lining that typically protects the brain from viruses and other foreign invaders. Once inside the brain, it can cause damage in a variety of ways, especially inflammation. This disease is leaving a lasting legacy of brain dysfunction, but it doesn't have to. Working to keep the brain healthy by boosting the immune system and calming inflammation are the first steps in healing Covid brain." 

Among the items Dr. Amen and his collegues are using are curcumins, omega-3 fatty acids, (hello Green Pasture Products Fermented Cod Liver or Skate Liver Oil), viamin C, and vitamin D. (Green Pasture Products Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Skate Liver Oil)

We strongly suggest taking daily Green Pasture Products Concentrated Butter Oil with either the Fermented Cod or Skate Liver Oil to keep your immune system at its optimum. We believe these products are superior because of the fermentation procress, shielding the natural antioxidants, and polyphenols while making the fat-soluble nutrients more bioavailable for assimilation in the body.  

If by chance you do come down with Covid-19, make sure you are including Green Pasture Products in your tool box!